What Are The Ways For An App To Earn Money?

Got a super idea to create an app that will help many, many people, but doesn’t know how to turn it into a business? We talk about it!

In the last few years, many clients have already brought their projects to us, but one of the big points after planning is: how will I make money with my app or service? DevMagic has prepared for you a list of 5 tips that can help you run your app!

1 – Subscription Model
This is undoubtedly one of the most popular revenue models in the world of apps, where monthly or annual subscriptions are offered, the latter with some kind of discount.

Some subscription models usually have a “trial” period, where you can test the application or service for a few days, without any commitment – such as adding a credit card or paying in advance.

2 – Freemium Model
Known among platforms and services, is that option of showing users of your service or solution as a form of “tasting”, but with some limitations in its use.

Typically, in this model, limitations are removed in paid versions.

3 – Advertising
Darling for 11 out of 10 developers who haven’t thought about how to monetize the product, it works sustainably if you already have a large active user base.

4 – Transactional
In the transactional model, a small amount (fixed or percentage) is charged on each action taken. It is very efficient for intermediation functionality or transactions involving payments.

5 – Micropayments
It is a very popular model within the gaming world, which seeks to reduce users’ commitment to subscriptions or fixed costs.

It becomes an interesting alternative to the transactional model as it allows users to buy usage packages according to their needs, at a much more affordable cost.

It is very important that, even before you take your idea off the paper, you have already analyzed these possibilities, since leaving it for later can mean never seeing the color of money…

So, which revenue model does your app look like? Leave it in the comments and next week we’re back!

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