The Importance Of Validating Your Product Or Service Idea

Validating an idea is understanding if it works in the real world; outside the field of ideas.

That is: If it has the potential to solve a problem or benefit a group of people.

There are several theories behind the process. But here at DevMagic, we have a slightly more pragmatic view on the subject.

The Importance Of Validating Your Product

Surely, the first thing you will hear or hear is: “Have you validated your idea”?

Several books and tools will suggest that you spend time and use different methods, trying to understand and apply everything you discover about the topic.

As a company that has already participated in several processes like this, we will tell you our understanding of validation.


And he is very simple. Validation is: when someone pays for your product.

Except for some business models, which we’ll cover later, validating a product means that you’ve managed to imprint enough value on it to be consumed and paid for by someone else.

Only that? No!

Just like “A single swallow does not make a summer”, a single customer will not support your business.

Validation is the first step of a great process where your product will scale through the demands that users demand.

Forget more complicated processes than the development of your business.

Focus on the simple enough to make you understand that step and the next step forward.

Have you validated your idea? Think about it!

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