The importance of UX Design in the development of your product

The usability of a product and understanding the user’s needs are the strengths and are linked to Ux Design.

That is, if a good job in this regard is not done, your business or product runs the risk of losing users to competitors, after all, no one looks for complex solutions to understand or use.

UX Design

UX Design is a plus!

Within an application – and in real life too, there is a certain learning period, which is when your user will seek to understand functions or commands, but this “period” needs to be short and not at all complex. It is essential that the user already understands the whole path, right from the first eye contact.

But why? We often forget about casual users, who will only have weekly contact with your product for a few hours a week, and they won’t try to learn how to use something every time they open your product.

This ends up generating dissatisfaction and often abandoning the tool – surely you’ve stopped using something exactly for this reason! And you’ve heard friends or colleagues reporting the same.

How to solve this? It is only during the project, to seek a simple language of understanding and easy interaction between system and user.

Design a user-centric interface. It’s hard, but we need to remember that: you are not your user! What may seem simple to you may not be to others. We often forget that our bubble is not the same as others.

So how will UX help me with this?

As a central concept, the “user experience (UX)“, or user experience, concerns all the actions carried out in the creation process to make any type of product – whether physical or digital – more accessible to the purpose for which it was created.

That is, when you start to work focused on the best experience for your customers/users with your product, you go up a level in relation to your competition and start to stand out in the market.

UX Design puts what matters most at the center of everything: how your client will use it.

It will create sketches, and even test versions for you to analyze if it is suitable for your target audience.

It is often interesting that these analyses are carried out with people who are “far from the product”, but within their audience: perhaps an acquaintance. They can give real opinions without the commitment of being on the team.

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