The 7 Steps Of Software Development.

Is developing software really a seven-headed beast? Is there a better or worse way? Normally this process can seem like something that always tends to cause problems, but does it really need to be a great torture?

Abandoned projects, operations that have no end, customer expectations that are not met or even what the customer asks for at the beginning of the project and the same is completely changed at the end.

It may even look like a Seven-Headed Bug and thinking about it, DevMagic created a process to cut off each of these heads, simplifying and facilitating the technological development within your business.


What Are Our Software Development Stages?

1- Understanding the problem:

At this point, the client usually already has a very clear idea of ​​what the solution he needs will be, but this is where we need to understand why that solution he is suggesting, and if it is in fact the best solution.

It is at this stage that we discover that sometimes the solution being thought of at that moment is not outdated, suddenly there is even software that solves that problem much better than investing in something from scratch.

That is, it is very important that we know exactly what the customer’s problem is.

2 – Looking for possible solutions:

Our next step is the discussion of possible solutions. Since the team already has the clarity of the problem that needs to be solved, we get together and we discuss: what is the solution that fits in the project budget? What technologies will we use? What is the tool that will help to achieve an adequate budget for the client and also the project time?

In other words, we cannot necessarily create a product from scratch, but with solutions that can reduce development time and still have a positive result.

3 – Schedule Analysis:

After the two previous steps, we have arrived at the moment where we will analyze the tasks, placing them week by week and in this way, if necessary, realign your marketing strategy.

4 – Alignment of expectations and approval

Now, it is one of the fundamental steps in the project: it is when we carry out the alignment of expectations and approval, reviewing everything together with the client so that nothing is left out and so that all points of the process are clear, and the business scope is aligned aligning between both parts.

5 – Development

So now it’s the part where we start the development itself.

With everything aligned and approved, it is common to hear that “you will only have access to the product in three months”, but here at DevMagic, the team will seek to deliver weekly versions to customers so that it is possible to evaluate if everything is being developed actually solves the initial problem.

At this stage it is very important for us to have some end users of the system so that we can have real-time feedback, so if there is any change that needs to be made, our team can do it very cheaply within the project.

6 – Delivery and Quality

During the entire development process, we will have quality professionals who will guarantee the usability and functionality of the system throughout the process.

7 – Overdelivery

Here at DevMagic we are always looking for ways to positively surprise the customer with our attentive eye on the market and ways to improve the initial proposal through extra work that makes sense for your business: Whether in the designer in the user experience or even extending a functionality.

That is, through an initial work, seeing if the proposal is really a necessary reality, we can optimize objectives, costs and deadlines during the stages.

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