The 5 Biggest Pitfalls When Hiring A Software Developer

Hiring software development may seem super simple, but in many cases, it ends up being a big headache.

Check out this super content we prepared about the main shortcuts that can become trouble when getting your idea off the ground or hiring development services for your company’s systems.

What Are The 5 Biggest Pitfalls?

1 – The One Man Army: The Freelancer
Often he is a professional who provides services to several companies. And in this scenario, the main concern of the Freelancer ends up being delivered to receive. That way, there is little room for more accurate quality control…

2 – Out-of-the-box Software That Can Work
You have an idea in mind, and after researching, you find solutions that solve parts of the problem and decide to use them.

However, they do not include all the features of your Project. What do you do?

  1. Give up the idea as a whole and accept to “copy” something you thought before, but that you know could be better and more profitable?
  2. Does it create a “Frankenstein” made of parts of ready-made solutions that don’t talk to each other?

3 – India, Pakistan? Outsource Abroad?
Okay, you’ve decided that the best way to go is to develop your idea. You struggle to design the project and, even without validation, hire low-cost development.

If charging a local freelancer is hard enough, imagine one who doesn’t speak your language and could be gone forever, taking months of work and a few dollars away.

4 – Advertising Agency That Will “Break the Branch”
The name says it all: Advertising. That’s what they’re experts at, isn’t it?

Often, there is a junior developer there, who has no idea of ​​the size of the process, but who takes the Job to be done, and well… With that, we’re back to the problem of your months and resources being consumed. That’s when the agency doesn’t “hire a freelancer” for the job.

5 – The Nephew Who “Knows Technology”
Who has never said that expression… It’s even a cliché joke, isn’t it?

But unfortunately, some people think that technology is like putting together a Subway snack: who knows one, knows them all.

Again: Your precious dollars will run out before the project is halfway through and there will still be a Christmas dinner mood.

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