Should We Always Say “Yes” To Customers?

Do you believe that software companies should say yes to everything the customer asks for? If the customer is paying, should we fulfill all of their requests, or is it also the responsibility of the development company to provide input on the customer’s business?

“Yes” Isn’t Always The Best Answer


If the customer idealizes a solution, pays for it, but in real life it doesn’t work as it should, whose responsibility is it? Let’s talk about it here in this DevMagic content.

We believe that the software development process starts by understanding the customer’s needs, problems, and dreams, long before writing any code.

There is a job we do, which is market analysis, if there are already cases of the solution, everything to prevent the customer from reinventing the wheel and having unnecessary expenses.

Here at DevMagic we create a roadmap of how to guide our customers to build software and turn them into real results. All of this is based on the different processes we have carried out over these 6 years, serving clients from different areas.

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