Let’s Reflect: We Are Not Google

Have you ever wanted to work at Google. Regardless of your profession. Have you ever wanted to be part of a company that makes video games available to its employees.

In theory – and in marketing – it looks beautiful. But will it?

Over the years, this corporate culture has been the inspiration for many studies, but the reasoning is simple: The goal of every company is to make a profit.

It turns out that every Company is made up of people, and we know: people are little plants with feelings. What does that mean? That we need water, food, light and a pleasant environment to be productive (in addition to therapy, of course).

In short: Large corporations understood that they would need to create a relaxed environment to overcome the stress of their employees so that this would result in more creativity, satisfaction, and, consequently, an increase in people’s productivity. Did it work? My answer would be: maybe.

We saw this model spread on a larger scale, in advertising agencies and technology offices around the world, and probably the concept was gradually emptied, and as it was replicated.

Let me explain: having a pool table in the environment cannot be a compensation for the 15 hours of insane work. The idea is to break the industrial pattern, not create a smokescreen that will make up abuse in too many schedules and tasks.

And why are we talking about this? Simple: We are not Google. But we believe that a work environment does not need to be dour and archaic either.

We work with deadlines, goals, calculations, and several other processes that in themselves already represent stress for the team. However, we believe that there may be alternatives to direct these resources towards the well-being of the team, whether in the form of financial bonuses, simple and objective career progression, home office and a light and relaxed work environment.

Like a Work of Art, a software of excellence is developed by people who are extracting their best and putting there, in that work, dedication, time, and often sweat and tears. We at Dev, in this journey of growth as a company made of people and for people, are looking for this essential balance.

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