Let’s Reflect: Success?

If there are 7 billion people in the world, then there are 7 billion definitions of what Success is.

But could we at least draw a parallel that encompassed a large part of what being a successful person would be?

What Is Success?

Some essential points:

Do you know who you really are?
Not what your parents said you should be, or an unattainable standard that advertising sets as a model for you to keep consuming and consuming in search of achieving something you don’t even know if you really want.

What makes you happy?
You can only find out after meeting yourself. Amazingly, owning a Ferrari is unlikely to make everyone happy. But many of them only discover that they were chasing the wrong dream when they achieve it. Have you ever heard that story about the guy who had a mansion, cars, a 6-figure salary but dropped everything to go and see the world with a backpack on his back? This only happened because back there, at the beginning of the journey, an objective was set that did not take into account where he really wanted to go.

Make peace with your inner child.
Have you ever seen a child not knowing what they like to eat, where they want to go, who their favorite superhero is or what they would do if they had a million reais? I never. You knew who you were as a child. People don’t change that much, at least not in essence. We already know, back there if you like nature, technology, drawing…following these clues is already a big step.

Be Persistent.
We were not shaped to persist. Set a goal and only stop when you can.
No path to success is linear. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has gone through ups and downs. Be aware of it and don’t give up.

You might think, you didn’t tell me what success is. Do not. And I won’t even say. Success is singular, personal, and non-transferable. He is yours, yours alone. He can be simple or megalomaniacal. It does not matter. As long as it’s genuine and authentic. Success, in fact, may not even exist. Many people don’t want and can’t set a single goal to pursue, and that’s okay.

Success doesn’t necessarily have to be a path, an end. It can just be a walk taken in peace…

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