Hybrid App? What Is It?

We know that Software Development is not just about writing code.

With each passing day, we need to think about how to optimize processes, reduce costs, and meet the demand of increasingly demanding users and customers. How to solve this? How about hybrid apps? Let’s talk more about it!

Hybrid App

Hybrid App?

Today, when we talk about application development, we talk a lot about languages, but sometimes we are in a conflict of being fully native or hybrid? I’d like to talk about it.

Native APPs
These are apps developed with a language suitable for specific use on each platform, such as Java for Android and Swift for IOS.

For each device, a complete source code needs to be written.

Hybrid Apps
This option is apps that, from a single source code, you can generate versions for Android and IOS.

And how are they created?

Using Libs/Frameworks, such as Ionic, Flutter.io, and ReactNative. What are the pros and cons?

Apps created in the native language still have a slightly higher performance than those created in a hybrid way, but for most cases, the second option reflects agility in the development, in addition to the great reduction of costs.

Here at DevMagic today we only develop hybrid apps, already thinking about the maintenance cost and the ease of implementation on multiple platforms.

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