How To Put An Idea On Paper?

Have an idea, but don’t know how to put it on paper? It is often a solution that can help not just you but other people and leaving it aside is not a good one, but how to organize it?

Surely, have you at some point had the idea of ​​a service or product, whether digital or not, that you believe could be useful? Whether it’s automation, or maybe a part, these ideas often end up lost, and you end up finding yourself years later still looking for a way to solve these problems.


Learn to put an idea on paper:

But we think: “How to put this on paper? Do I sketch? Do I write down the main points? Do I talk to anyone?” It’s not always easy to put it on paper, and you may end up forgetting an important point, but with some tips, you can organize yourself and leave your idea documented:

1 – Use a notebook to write down your idea

Put everything you thought, if you have an idea of ​​the format, or even who it will be for. This is where the initial thinking will help shape the next steps. It’s not difficult, and this step helps you not to forget anything and always remember the basis of your idea. Don’t have a notebook? No problem: your phone’s notepad will do too.

After a while, your notes will look out of order and this is when you can organize them: look at all the points raised, and put them on a descending scale: the most important above and so on, to the least important item.

In this analysis, you can find details so that your idea always has something new, showing itself to be constantly updated.

2 – Don’t be afraid!

Because you’re still putting the idea down on paper, you’re only investing your time, so don’t be afraid! Sometimes the idea that you have may not apply at the time, but in the future, it may be useful. Imagine scenarios, difficulties that may arise along the way, and all the elements that may interfere with your project or product.

Take a few minutes out of your routine, whether it’s those minutes on the road or when you’re at leisure.

3 – The main rule is: Believe in your dream!

Let’s go: if you don’t believe in your dream yourself, how are you going to convince someone to buy your project or service? So think that it is possible! If you with all the notes are still scared, that’s when it’s worth talking to someone.

Look for that friend of yours who is experiencing a similar problem, or for whom you think your product or service will help. Ask him what he thinks of something similar if he has already tried a service like this, but always without leaving his plans open. A poll doesn’t hurt!

I used some simpler references I found as a common denominator in the ideation tips.

We often put obstacles in the way of putting our idea down on paper, especially when we see it as an important step to see how to proceed with this plan and, in fact, without it, it is not possible to know whether it will be an important step or not.

Here at DevMagic our team is prepared to help you understand what your idea is and how to get it off the ground, as we know how to organize software and products in the right measure for your company to grow.

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