How to organize the development of a project?

Often you find yourself in the middle of a team that is already used to a project, or else they give you some simple tasks to get you started on how to enter the processes, but they don’t give you the beginning of the steps you need to analyze before putting your hands to work.


To help you who are entering this area, our Co-Founder Gabriel Fonseca, presented some tips on our Youtube channel, where he remembered the beginning of his career.

Check it out in the video below (portuguese):

If you’re curious, check out the list of references below:

Twitter Kamran Ahmed:

Canal do Roadmap com alguns tutoriais:

Conteúdo Freecodecamp:

Do you have any more organization tips and lists of how you can improve your organization in a project, leave it here in the comments:

Here at DevMagic we always seek to help devs who need guidance during the beginning of their career.

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O Autor:

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