How To Be A Developer?

The technologies are there, and it is one of the growing markets, with the search for new professionals, but how to be a developer? In what areas to work?

Everything we use in our daily lives – whether applications or systems – is in the hands of a developer since he is the professional responsible for creating, organizing, or maintaining programs or systems for electronic products such as computers, tablets, video games, and smartphones. So how to enter this market?

But How To Be A Developer?

he first thing is that you can get started with some quick and free courses on the internet. Many of them give a basic introduction and allow you to have an initial contact and see if this area is for you, as there are several areas of expertise.

Then you will find the type of development you like: for software, mobile or web, whether Front-end or Back-end. And in this step, you also find some free options.

We will leave a series of links with different options here below. With these links you can start slowly, with a few hours a day and who knows, find your future profession or change markets!

Free Courses / Classes: – english – english – english – english – portuguese – portuguese – portuguese

Some of these courses provide certificates while others give an introduction to the areas.

That’s because we haven’t even talked about language yet: there are developers specialized in Angular.Js, React, Flutter… but many started as mentioned above: taking initial classes and later seeing which way to go.

See how simple it is to start. You can, before investing in courses, seek some
free alternatives to see if this is really what you want.

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