How Much Does A Developer Earn?

Everyone starting a programming career should ask themselves: how much will I earn? Is it a good value? What changes between areas?

Surely you who entered or are thinking about entering the development market have among your doubts what the average salary of a professional in this area is. Often this question can only be answered with a few more, and that’s what we’re going to explain.

The average salary of a development professional has several points that can influence, such as the technology that this professional works, the demand in the market…

So how much does a developer earn? As we said, each development professional will have its value: a Junior starts between R$2,500 to R$3,000, while a Senior can go from R$7,000.

Recently, a major competitor to the national development market has been the aggressive entry of companies from abroad, since our labor has become cheap for these companies, where the dollar price is low, but with the conversion it becomes interesting.

Not to mention that some professionals have skills – that is, they have some skills that differ from others, making their salary higher than that of other colleagues.

Often this appreciation can be obtained with frequent study, whether of new technologies or a multi-platform professional.

It is important, to reinforce, that many professionals still face difficulties about salary either by the region where they live – even with the possibilities of remote work.

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