Developer Junior, Full And Senior?

You may have heard the words on the market: Senior, Junior or full developer, but who are they? What do you eat? Where they live? Let’s answer these questions today here at DevMagic!

For outsiders, some terms in the IT field can be quite complex, so I came here to explain in a simple way the differences in each of these professionals…

We know that often when a vacancy is announced, this terminology to explain what is expected of a professional is often “Not published”, and then we can have a communication failure – which is super common. So what is expected when we quote: Professional vacancy and then the term? Look!

A junior professional, as the word implies, is one who still needs supervision during their processes, has a basic knowledge of software and hardware, knows at least one programming language, helps and collaborates in the initial planning of the project and works, most often in built-in software functions and tools.

As for that full professional, he is able to perform tasks with less supervision than Junior, he also already knows most of the steps within the development process, can configure the environment to carry out developments alone, detects if there are any errors in the code and tries makes it more efficient, also being able to create and write these codes.

Finally, we have the senior professional, who, like a pokemon, is an evolution of the other 2 professionals, being able to supervise and coordinate teams, understand a project and manage to create the methods for its development, that is, how it will be implemented or maintained. , manages to support junior and full devs, helps in periodic code reviews and of course, also helps in improving the built codes.

It was understandable that many times, despite the terminology, some professionals who consider themselves Junior, during the first months of the company or within a project, may already be qualified as a Senior, and so on.

Of course, within this area, learning continues, especially with the new languages ​​and tools that emerge, is important.

So, do you consider yourself Junior, Full or Senior? Have you seen professionals who many said were Junior and who proved to be qualified as Full? Leave it in the comments and next week we’re back!

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