Success Story


Wisely is a complete ecommerce analytics platform that provides accurate indicators to help operations maximize their return on ad campaigns, marketing actions, and tools aimed at generating revenue.

One of the most interesting features of their operation is that it is 100% remote, and they have been attracting clients of all sizes in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

Through working together with the DevMagic team, Wisely is able to scale its development, relying on a larger pool of resources during specific phases of its roadmap, especially during the launch of new features, and for quick response to adjustments and bug fixes during these phases.

Wisely and devmagic: A partnership with a focus on quality.

Main services provided by DevMagic:

More connectivity

Implementations of new integrations with platforms and partners.

Product evolution

Development of key features on the product roadmap.

Faster speed

Accelerated product development and bug fixes.


As a bootstrap-born startup, Wisely quickly faced a crucial barrier in scaling its product: the cost of development.

Finding professionals at an affordable cost was practically impossible, and with the initial traction of the product, it became increasingly difficult to meet the demands for product improvements and evolution..


And that’s where DevMagic shone, offering options with highly viable costs, which allowed for the gradual scaling of resources available as Wisely leveraged its revenue.

Moreover, we also managed to reduce feedback cycles, mitigating documentation and communication issues that could negatively impact the execution of services.

All of this, supported by a modern reporting system that not only brings complete transparency to our processes but also helps Wisely understand how to improve its performance in the development and planning of functionalities, to make it more agile and predictable within a high level of trust.

As a result, Wisely expanded its client portfolio in Brazil and seven other Latin American countries, offering a product that is increasingly robust and in line with the strategic needs of e-commerce.



Over 100% increase in revenue in 2022.


Increased perception of product quality by users.


Greater predictability regarding the speed of the roadmap.


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