Success Story


Vewbie is a platform specialized in providing streaming infrastructure, payment management, and subscriptions for on-demand content in a fast and uncomplicated manner. Based in Florida/USA, the company has been expanding its operations in the American market, where it serves a wide range of segments, from sports leagues of all sizes to players in the real estate market and religious communities, among others.

Vewbie and devmagic: A partnership focused on quality.

Main services provided by DevMagic:


Build and bring the first version
of your product to the market quickly.

New app

Development of mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms, using Flutter technology.

Monitoring and maintenance

Zero-priority monitoring and maintenance in mission-critical systems for the company.


During the development of its market strategies, Vewbie realized that for some of its potential customers, the streaming process needed to be even simpler: it was necessary to drastically reduce the time window between creating an account on the platform and performing the first stream. 

In this scenario, after the Discovery process conducted by the Design and UX team at DevMagic, we concluded that an app would be the key piece that would contribute decisively to achieving this goal.

But how to develop a new application for this purpose without compromising the continuity of implementing improvements and new features on the platform?


That’s where DevMagic shone and once again proved to be a great strategic partner for Vewbie! In a plan outlined together with our team, we were able to reach a minimum set of features and a schedule that met the client’s needs. And indeed, that’s what happened.
In just 42 days, DevMagic completed the app development and it was already literally in the hands of users.
And at the end of this period, Vewbie not only had its first mobile app version, but also a new and powerful tool for converting new customers, who can now use their smartphones to perform their streams with high-quality images and monetize their content.


+ Revenue

Over 80% increase in revenue in the last 12 months.

+ Agility

65% reduction in time to perform the first stream.

+ Expansion

Rapid expansion of development capacity.


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