Agility in development – How to transform your processes?

We know that developing is not a quick or cheap process, but there are some ways to reduce the time and costs of these processes.

Here at DevMagic we use several of these processes internally so you have leaner options.

One way to speed up your development process is to use code from areas that have already been implemented, used, and tested by several people, such as in Frameworks and Code Libraries tools. These places will help you build some traditional areas of your products, such as login, search…

The Service APIs also help a lot, as when we need to carry out freight calculations, we just need to integrate with the API provided by UPS, which already performs the analysis based on the zip code, weight, and measures of the package.

That is, although developing ‘software’ is not simple and cheap, with some tools it is possible to make your project leaner and put that budget in other areas for larger projects.

Here at DevMagic, we have been working with this option, allocating our professionals to key points so that your product can make a difference.

Want to know our options for your business, talk to us!

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